Friday, August 14, 2009

So Much to Talk about

Where do I begin? The road trip we took (the puppies first long car trip) to New Madrid to see the Earthquake Museum? And we drive 2.5 hours and it is closed? Talk about feeling like the Griswolds!

Then there was the big trip planned the following day to the mall with my mom, to a mall we hadn't been to in awhile. Out of the entire mall, MAYBE 10% had open stores.

I could talk about the day the internet went out at home. Seems that Laclede Gas was in the neighborhood digging and the 1-800-digrite people had come out and marked the existing underground utilities. They just had the DSL line 4 foot off.

There's also my new facebook addiction to a game called Sorority Life. Yes, I am probably a bit old for that but I do so enjoy the clothes, cars, and shopping :)

We also squeezed in a trip to the vet for the final puppy shots for both of them. It seems the little one (who is now almost the big one) STILL isn't 4 months and hasn't lost a single tooth. And the vet mentions, "he could be part Great Dane."

I had my niece stay the night. She was great but stayed up till midnight. Then, because I have been wearing glasses lately (and obviously don't sleep in them), we got up at what I THOUGHT was 9:45. It was really only 5:45. Did I mention she is not quite 4?

Finally, on the first day of school I'm getting ready, taking a shower. Forgot to close the bathroom door. Rio the puppy ended up in the shower before I even knew what was happening, and of course he is SOAKED and soapy. That's what happens when you sleep/stand in the shower.

But tomorrow is Saturday. We are staying home, I am sleeping late and not showering, I'll make the puppies stay awake all night so they don't grow and I will enjoy my fixed internet cable :) and play Sorority Life!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More on the Puppies

Yes, it's been awhile.

I don't have much suitable for publishing on the internet to talk about. Unless you want to hear about . . .

puppies who fight over a dead bird in the yard and have to have their mouths washed out with soap (which they actually like) because they stink so bad from the dead bird.

a puppy who decides it ISN'T time to sleep and proceeds to chew a 1" hole in the carpet.

a puppy (same one) who pukes on the carpet, which wouldn't normally be a problem to clean up but the food is red, the carpet is off white, and the stain is rather large.

puppies who poop is filled with gravel, rocks, bark and wood because they ate everything they found in the yard after the storm.

puppies who are cooped up all day inside because of the muddy mess in the yard made by a horrendous storm.

But they sure are fun when they are sleeping :)

Addition - this page has been edited to include the following additional content:

Yes, puppies can and do and will swim in ornamental fish ponds, regardless of how many times you tell them no. They just seem to accidentally fall in on purpose.

The up side to this is that if you have any dead fish, they will bring them out for you to play fetch with.