Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where Have I Been

Well, hello all. Long time no write. But I'm still around. I haven't felt the need to write on my blogs lately (lately being the last 3 months) and I am not sure why. Seasons change and my mood changes with them. Activities change (such as returning to work) and priorities change.

But thank the heavens, there is one thing that never changes. That would be that we all have angels around us. Let me tell you why this is my thought process today.

A friend (and in just a minute, she will know who she is) recently had a pretty bad car accident. The minute I saw the email about it, I called her to let her know I was glad she was okay. She related the accident scenario to me and one part stuck out.

After she had done two 360's with the wheels on the road, the car hit the median, flipped up and fell over on the passenger side. She didn't land in oncoming traffic. She didn't fall off the bridge into the highway traffic below. She was able to climb out of the car with a smidge of help from someone who stopped.

Another person had stopped as well. She had been on her way to pay a bill and now her car was totalled. The second person stayed with her while emergency crews arrived. And gave her $100 for her to pay her bill and then disappeared. I think that person was probably an angel in disguise.

Despite her bruises and aches, she is okay. I'm happy and thankful she has an angel watching out for her.