Saturday, February 28, 2009

Top Three Most Annoying Things about Bills!

I am going to go backwards. Number 1 just flies all over me.

3. The amount of junk mail/stuffing/ads included with the bills. If I was really gonna buy any of that crap or wanted any of those services, I would check them out online or buy them at the store. One of these days I am going to send ALL the junk back to them with the payment! Let them sort it all out like they make us do. I just worry that it might make the postage more because of the weight. Then they will say they didn't get the payment. Or the lady opening the payment envelopes will get too sidetracked by purchasing all the cool things they have for sale in the junk and accidentally drop or miss my check. Besides, has no one heard of reducing waste and saving trees???

2. I absolutely can not stand when they attach junk mail to an envelope flap. I can't tell you how many times I have licked the flap only to find that I can't seal the envelope correctly because there is a piece of junk mail / advertising crap attached to the envelope. What is wrong with these people? Do they not think we are angry enough at having to pay enormous bills? And while I am on the subject of envelopes, why on earth do the electric, gas, and water company think that 1. my bill amount is public information and they don't have to put it in an envelope and 2. that they don't need to send a return envelope????? Maybe I will just staple a check, rip it off, and put the stamp on the bill and send it. When they get it and say I didn't send payment, I will just tell them that they didn't send an envelope and that the check was attached - public information and all.

1. Bills that are folded in the envelope and when you go to rip off the payment stub part, it rips at the fold, NOT the dotted line, so all the account info gets ripped off as well and you have to spend 15 minutes trying to tape it back together and hope you got the numbers or barcode lined up right so you get credit for payment.!!!! When they get these torn payment stubs back is there no one who says, "Hey, this might be a problem for our customers. They are all coming back torn. Maybe we should change the layout or where the bill is folded. "???? Idiocy at its finest.

hang on - gotta get that piece of tape off my fingers

Friday, February 27, 2009

Gulley Washers and Sticks

Last night was Bo night at karate. No, not beau but bo as in a long stick. I prefer to call them sticks as most people don't know what a bo is. Or else they are completely getting the wrong picture.

I love stick night. Nothing like whapping people with a 6foot long solid wooden pole! Really though, it is very disciplined with strict moves and katas that you follow. But they are done with a partner so it makes it more "real."

It seems to come naturally for me. I attribute it to playing around with a baton for years and years and having a mom who was a twirler and taught me a couple nifty things as I was growing up. I still have HER baton. Kinda like having HER toes shoes (and you KNOW that whole story and if you don't, look back a few pages).

But anyway, having only gotten to use the bo on four separate nights, I am still in the beginner section. The green, brown and black belts worked as their own group off to the left.

Our group was small (4 students plus instructor). I was paired with a young high school boy who thinks he is the karate kid and superman all rolled into one. (He is pretty harmless though. You just have to get past his attitude and comments. Lisa, you are probably shaking your head right about now.)

So my partner and I were more advanced than the two that had never done sticks before. He goofed off quite a bit and kept me distracted from the achingly slow pace.

Off on my left, it sounded like the advanced group was really getting it. I don't mean understanding. I mean like really whaling on each other. I heard a great, resounding steady sound of whacking.

A couple minutes later I saw the maintenance man show up with a trash can on wheels.

I figured out that I hadn't been missing out on some major whomping going on in the advanced class. The roof of the gym was leaking like someone had just invented a skylight and forgot to put in the glass.

There was a major storm moving over and the steady splat sound I heard had been the water falling 25 feet from the ceiling to the gym floor.

I didn't feel so bad like I had missed out then :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ash Thursday

Oh, I forgot when I went to blog last night that it was Ash Wednesday. I had a story all planned and everything and forgot. So I will tell it today.

Many years ago my hubby met me and moved up here from rural Oklahoma. Now, let me tell ya, there aren't a lot of Catholics in rural OK. At least none that I have seen (like no churches and such). Mostly Baptist.

So he moves up here and nine months later, Ash Wednesday. Now my city is full of Catholics, churches, parochial schools, etc. EVERYONE is Catholic, or at least has family who is. We have one of the largest parochial school choices in the nation. We even have a bishop in our city.

So Ash Wednesday and he's up early running around doing errands. That night he tells me in his sweet southern accent, "I saw all these people with dirt on their foreheads today. Finally I told a lady she had dirt on her forehead. She said it was Ash Wednesday like it was normal to have dirt on your forehead. What the heck does Ash Wednesday mean?"

Oh lordy. That poor lady must have thought he was an alien. And I guess in a way he was. Needless to say, we laugh about it every year. He abstains from putting dirt on his forehead for forty days :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get Outside - Spring is Coming

I can smell it. I can see it. I can feel it! Oh what a beautiful day!!!!! The sun was out and it was in the 60's. What a gorgeous day. Got to be out - no time to blog too much!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

KY Yours & Mine Consumer Product Review

We celebrated Valentine's Day a week late (by choice). We made it date weekend and got reservations to a really nice restaurant. On my way home on Friday night, I stopped at Walgreens to purchase the infamous KY Yours and Mine.

It was $20 but they had a $5 coupon for the month of February (Valentine ploy!). I figured what the heck and shelled out 15 bucks. I thought one night of never before seen love would be worth that. (At the time I thought it was a one time only use.)

I got home and dropped it on the table for him to find. First he couldn't believe I had spent that much (I am taking it he had checked into it already). Then it was all he could talk about :)

So much later that evening, we, um, tested the product.

I have to tell you we were both so very disappointed.

I don't know what I expected. Like I wanted to see stars. Or maybe there was a little mini hooker/gigalo in the box. Or SOMETHING at least.

I think he was a bit disappointed too.

It was so not worth the money. We are way better off without it, if you know what I mean. But, I did mention to him that since we spent the money, we might as well give it another try just to make sure there weren't any ground shaking earthquakes hidden in the bottles. He liked that idea.

Bottom line - don't waste the money. Buy a real sexy pair of underwear instead. Get a pink pair with silver star sparkles on them. And label them with a Sharpie Marker "Mine and Yours." You'll come out way ahead.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our one and only dog, Leroy Brown (in the header picture above celebrating St. Pat's Day) died back in September. Since we have no kids, he was really a member of our family, and the loss was hard.

When he died, many people asked if we were getting another one. We had talked and decided we would later. When it was right.

See, Leroy really found us, rather than us finding him kinda. He was a baby baby (before weening age) when someone dropped him off in a park with nothing but a box and a handful of food. We were visiting family in a different state. They kept driving by and noticing him. Then one afternoon an ice storm came. He had been out there huddled by his box for three days. When the storm hit, we brought him to their home. And then he came all the way home with us. We really had no intention of having a dog. But I guess Leroy knew he wanted us.

So this past week, there has been a dog wandering around the neighborhood. He has been laying in a neighbor's backyard sunning himself and sleeping. On icy frigid nights. Through snow. He recently started limping.

At first, we thought he might belong to the people who live there. But he is kinda in a spot where they can't even see him, below a stone wall. And now he has begun venturing around.

He is beautiful. Shiny coat. Brindle color. Medium large size. I keep saying he is lost but hubby thinks someone has dumped him or abandoned him.

He ventured onto our front porch last night.

This morning he was guarding the next door neighbor's drive. When hubby told me he was out there, I told him to feed him. So he put a can of food on a plastic plate and took it out.

The dog is extremely skittish and shy and wouldn't come near until he had come inside. But we could see him from the window. He is so pretty.

When the dog finished eating, he trotted off.

I told hubby, "We have a dog. He just doesn't know we have him."

He laughed and said, "Yeah, we have a dog. We feed him every couple of days. He stays in the neighbor's yard. He's not too tough to take care of."

I wonder if our dog has found us.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Favorite Stuff

Today is a day for favorites. Why? We are going to a really nice restaurant tonight that just happens to be my favorite. Well, one of them. We are headed to Dierdorf and Hart's.

Why do I love it?? They have the best steaks. Terrific vegetables. Nice atmosphere. Amazing desserts.

I have favorites of everything. And if I don't, I always figure out what is my favorite. Such as, my favorite nail polish is Dutch Tulips by OPI. I have a favorite lipstick, a favorite pair of shoes, a favorite pair of earrings, a favorite coffee cup, a favorite song, a favorite movie, and the list goes on. You get the idea.

Hubby on the other hand, has no favorites. He is hard pressed to even come up with a color. But I have finally nailed him down to "gray." It only took 5 years of constant asking to get him to admit he likes a color that most people don't even notice!

How can this be? How can you not have strong opinions, emotions or feelings about things?

So I am doing a theme today. All my blogs are getting my "favorites" posted according to what they are about. I think I'll do favorite dive spots and favorite dive gear for the scuba spot, and I will post my all time favorite pics on the photo site.

Here? Well this spot is about everything and anything.

Hubby just read this and of course tells me I am nuts. To prove a point he pointed to my hot rollers and said, "Okay, which one of these is your favorite?" Well of course it's the second to smallest size rollers. That was just way too easy. But he was highly surprised I had one. And yes, I had even thought about it before he just asked. See? I have favorites for everything.

And YOU are one of my favorites - cause you read my posts! :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm In the Band

Yes, yes yes. All right.

I had to drag myself away from my band :) (We just got Rockband for ps2)

I'm partial to the guitar but will play any of the instruments. We can't get the mic working yet, so I still have a voice :)

When I told my students I didn't eat dinner last night they asked why. I told them I was too busy playing Rock Band. They died laughing! Then they started drawing pictures of me playing the drums and such. So cute!!

The principal, who knew we were getting it yesterday, asked me this afternoon if I took a nap during my plan time. I said, "No, but I should have." :)

One more reason NOT to go to karate tonight. But I will drag myself away and make myself go since I didn't go last week.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Been in the Band?

Driving home today I started to smile. The Outfield came on the radio. They were singing "I don't want to loose your love tonight."

Now, regardless that this is a great song and I haven't heard it in ages, it got me remembering a part of my life that was kind of forgotten. Not really lost but it just never comes up.

Yes, when I was in college, I was in a band. (Probably everyone else was too huh?) And no, we never played out anywhere. That just never seemed to be the point.

I don't remember the name of the band. I only remember the members' first names - Paul, Henry, Mario, Brian, a drummer who I can't even picture, and me (the keyboard and backup vocals girl).

We practiced once or twice a week in the basement of one of the campus buildings. We were loud. We had fun. We played the same songs over and over until we got them right. And it kept me out of trouble :) Well, at least some.

But that Outfield song was one I remember we played a lot. A very lot. And I never got tired of it. The male singer (Brian) we had was amazing and could hit all the high notes.

Nowadays, I sing to the radio and in the shower. If I get near a karaoke, my hubby wants to crawl under the table. It's not that I sing bad - he just hates attention of any kind. I also sing in my classroom to the kids sometimes. (silly stuff) And then I sing when I am with my sister. Or my dad. Or my mom. (We all sing) And then of course there is Guitar Hero.

I bought hubby a shirt a while back that says "I'm in the band." (of course, I am the groupie this time!!)

Fun stuff.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Beeper, the bird who proved the saying

Have you ever noticed how many bird sayings there are?? The early bird gets the worm, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, etc. Why is this?

Anyway, I got sidetracked. I am here today to tell you the story of Beeper. Beeper was a little zebra finch I had. He was named by my hubby, who has names for everything (see older post). He got his name because he beeped a lot. On early sunny mornings he had another name, which I won't put here (trying to keep it clean folks ;). Beeper even had a wife later on in life - Mrs. Beeper. And they had babies, and the one we ended up keeping was, yes, you guessed it, Baby Beeper.

But none of this matters. The story is starting to get lost, so I will now begin.

Beeper spent his summers in a cage on the back deck. He loved it out there. Other birds would often come land on his cage and chat with him. Sometimes they would eat some of his millet that was hanging on the side. He was a very tiny bird and even the smallest of wild birds were like giants to him.

One day Beeper found out he could slide through the bars of his cage. I chased him around the backyard trees for hours with a butterfly net and a towel (how I usually caught him inside). He wasn't a good flier because he hadn't had much practice. But he was getting it now.

For three days, I couldn't catch him. He stayed nearby though and I could hear him taunting me and beeping while I laid their sunbathing.

On the fourth day, I heard the familiar beep once again. It sounded close. Really close.

No lie, he was in his cage.

He had come back. (I guess hunger and fear beat him and we had left the cage propped open just in case this kinda thing might happen.)

And believe it or not, this very same thing happened the next summer when hubby "accidentally" (so he says - we had been having lots of sunny early mornings) left the cage door open.

So twice he was "let free" and twice he came back. I guess he loved me after all :)

As an extra side note lesson of the day, all my pictures of Beeper were on my computer. The computer died (and so has Beeper) and I didn't have an external hard drive at the time. Hence, I have no pictures of this wonderful little bird.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Did You Know? BARBIE

Did you know that you can play Barbies for four hours straight????

Maybe I knew a long time ago but I had forgotten.

I just had my 3 year old niece spend the night. She was non-stop Barbieing. She would want me to be a particular Barbie and then proceed to tell me I couldn't do anything with my Barbie. I'm just supposed to sit there and hold it???

So on the sly I would change Barbie's clothes. (one of the things I always loved about Barbies - we had the fanciest, coolest homemade dresses when we were little) It was funny. Barbie has changed. Her hips are bigger and her boobs are littler. This was really evident when I put on some of the dresses that I still had from when I was little and put them on my niece's newer Barbies.

So what is up with that?? Is Barbie getting old? Has Barbie had children and now her hips are bigger? Are her boobs sagging now due to being, what, 60ish? This all seems kinda wrong to me. Are they going to start giving her wrinkles too?

I don't want reality in dolls. After all, who can jump up to the top level of a house really? Who sits to go upstairs in their own house elevator when it only has two floors??? Whose TV never changes and only shows horse movies??

Barbie should always be the same. How else will we know if we have "outgrown" her? After my niece's visit, I feel more like Barbie than ever!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Gardening :)

Tomorrow is the day! Get your seeds ready!

No, I am not joking.

I cheated. I did mine today when I got home because it is supposed to be really cold tomorrow.

I'm talking about planting lettuce. Now is the time in the midwest. You can also plant those fabulous snap peas that you eat fresh out of the garden.

I am sure there are other cold weather plants that can be planted, but those are my two favorites.

Anyway, the old wives tale is that you plant your lettuce seeds on Valentine's Day. I have done this for the last 4 or 5 years and the lettuce is phenomenal. I have planted on the top of snow (last year) and when it is muddy. Lettuce doesn't go deep so you just really sprinkle it on top and put a little thin layer (very thin) of dirt on top.

It does take a while for it to sprout, but you don't have to water it until it starts to get hot (after spring). And it is always going really well by the time we put the tomatoes in.

Give it a try :) Salads nice and early!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


We had our Valentine party at school today because the kids have a day off tomorrow (grade recording day).

They played Valentine bingo. Everyone got three prizes a piece (they played until everyone won).

Some of the "prizes" were whoopee cushions. The kids had so much fun with them! Go buy one if you haven't had one in awhile. Nothing says love like a good joke with a whoopee cushion!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yeah It Wasn't Me!

Computer issues?? Not my fault. Not even my computer!! Yeah! Somehow something broke with our school server and they didn't bother to inform anyone (like no one would notice???)

I'm just glad it wasn't me going crazy!

So on to funny things . . .

I have a new student who is an absolute doll. She has medical issues so she visits the nurse every day. We also eat lunch every day.

She had just finished a paper and needed some copies made. I told her where the copy room was (between the nurse and the cafeteria - its the only other door there). Then she stopped and asked if someone could go with her. I said no, she could find it. And she stepped out the door. One of her classmates who sits right in front of me says in a mysterious stage whisper "What if she never comes back?"

I laughed out loud and the kids asked why and I told them what their classmate had said. They laughed too. Then another student got called to office to pick something up. She met up with the new girl in the hall (and informed her of what the student had said after she left.)

When my new girl got in the room, she walked right up behind the boy who had whispered (he was in his own world working on the computer) and whispered loudly in his ear, "I made it back."

It was so hilarious. We were all laughing for awhile:)

I like it when they can be themselves and have controlled fun!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mythological Computer Gods

(To the right you will see a picture of the computer god, Vy Russ.)

Today the computer gods are laughing and playing with my life. No, not the big wigs at Microsoft and Mac or anything like that. These are the mythical gods, like Apollo and Zeus. But these are the COMPUTER gods, whom I imagine have names like Web loss, File aria, Connectus, and Help phos.

I am fairly computer literate. I take care of my computer by regularly cleaning it out, defragging, emptying the cache, etc., to make sure it runs efficiently. I also regularly back up my computer to my external hard drive, which I love. It is pink and cute and cuddly. Well, not right now but if I ever lost something, I am sure I would cuddle it.

Anyway, today has been crazy. First I couldn't get to my report cards (all day). The school tech came by to help and she couldn't get them either. Only on HER computer, not mine. And while I could access the students' files, they couldn't because the the "parkway server tree listed as K does not exist" on their computers, but it does on mine????

This wasn't a connection error as they were able to get on the internet. They could also open all programs and create new documents, but that doesn't help much when we are trying to finish old ones. And if we create new ones, we have no place to save them because the server has mysteriously disappeared off the student computers.

So I talk to people. I call people. Everyone just says Hmm. Now how helpful do you think that is???

Then there is this whole issue of "space." I think we should have as much as we want - it's CYBERSPACE people, it isn't real! It's not like I am taking up two seats at the movies!

This comes up because yesterday I tried all day to upload a homework assignment onto a forum. It just sat and sat and sat (must have had Error Uploadius laughing his fool god head off). I never received a message that the file was too big. And I can never remember which is bigger (kb or mb - i got a real nifty lesson in that from my instructor which I might just copy and paste here)

quoted from the instructor: "A byte is a unit that measures information storage. It is made up of smaller units called bits. Essentially a bit is "on-off" and is how the computer takes electricity and arranges it into something meaningful. The byte (arrangement of bits) is equivalent to one letter.A kilobyte (KB) is about 1,000 bytes. To be technical, it is 210 power or 1,024.A megabyte (MB) is about 1,000 kilobytes. To be accurate, it is 220 power. Those old floppy disks we used to use were 1.4 MB.A gigabyte (GB) is about 1,000 megabytes. Most hard drives are now measured in gigs. Other prefixes go up for here: terabyte, petabyte, yottabyte."

Okay, that was a trip to another land in itself. How 'bout byteme?? Is THAT invented yet?

So my instructor gives directions on how to shrink it. I had to shrink it twice. How ridiculous is this?? It's one page with four pictures on it. I think I should be allowed that space. I think I am entitled to that space. I WANT that space. I shouldn't have to shrink. They should have to grow. The god causing all this havoc of shrinking and growing space must be Alice ophrodite.

Please tell them to go away and pick on someone else! Like my sister, who can handle them!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

While I Was Gone

Sorry I have been absent. I have been super busy.

Crunch time is coming for the National Board stuff. I am also in a 6 week online course. Morguefile (a photo site where I am a contributor) just got their new site going and I have been uploading hundreds of photos (and putting in keywords, categories, etc.) Plus I found a new game online at that I am totally addicted to - Marble Matchup.

Add to that I just found a super spectacular new kid's book I am reading (The Mysterious Benedict Society) and report card time is now (grade day is Friday).

All this means I am surrounded by mounds of papers and books and have two laptops going most often. (hubby says I am such a geeky nerd, but two is even faster than one and it saves from switching screens, accidentally deleting something, file something wrong, or clicking the wrong "play" button)

Despite all this thought (or maybe because of it :)) I was able to try a new wine on Friday night. Oh no - big mistake. I spent an hour in the bathroom hacking my brains out. On Saturday morning I couldn't taste anything and my throat was so sore I felt like I had eaten glass.

I am reminiscent of the time I tried sangria. It had the same effect on me. The red wines just don't agree with me. Someday I will learn. Maybe I should sign up for a wine class. I wonder how that would work online. Receive delivery. Taste. Post. ?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Lesson that Worked

For the first time ever, lesson number 8 in the electricity unit (which is an experiment) worked! Well I'll be dog gone.

This is the third year I have taught electricity. I was bound and determined this year that it would work. To make the lesson participatory, I had the students tell ME the steps I had to do in order to conduct the experiment. (I don't think that is why it worked this year, but it was funny that this is the ONLY time it HAS worked.)

The lesson is on making a filament light up.

We use two D batteries and hook them up to 2 wires, which are bent at a 90* angle through a lump of clay. Then nichrome wire is wrapped around the two open ends. This wire becomes the "filament" and gets hot and glows.

The kids read through the experiment so they knew it should glow. I also informed them it would get hot and smoke, which is why I was the only one doing the experiment.

We were all set. I was getting ready to plug the last wire into the clip and I paused. Then I said, "Right now would be a good time to review the fire drill procedures."

One girl caught it right away and let out a "HA." About 30 seconds later, another girl yells out, "Oh, I get it," and started laughing. Then the others started to get it and we were all just rolling laughing.

And as great as that was, it wasn't near as good as seeing that filament get hot and glow! The kids were absolutely amazed! At that moment I could have given them 5 pages of homework and they still would have thought I was a genius and they loved me :) hehe

So we all oohed and aahhed and took turns walking by it.

It was so absolutely terrific. Way better than the other years when we dim the lights in anticipation and nothing. And then I say, "Well, it was supposed to work." And we all go back to doing boring things like vocabulary. Talk about a major let down. It's like going to see the guy get shot out of a cannon and he has to crawl out 20 minutes later cause it won't fire.

It was a pretty eventful day in the classroom today. (see my photo blog for other interesting sights)

I love my job and wouldn't trade it for anything - well, maybe teaching scuba in the islands but that's about it. Remind me I said that when report card time comes.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Strange Day Off

I had my stress test today. I smoked it! I went to the eighth level and they still couldn't get my heart to the target rate of 160! I was sweating like a pig when I was done and sure didn't look too attractive but I was happy.
That made me feel so good! Plus everything else looked great on the ekg. YEAH for me :)

So we had time in between that test and the dr. We drove around and ended up going down to Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. My family isn't really big on going to grave sites. It just isn't something we do. But I found my grandpa today.

The last time I had been was so muddy I ruined a pair of shoes and they didn't have his headstone up yet.

There is something so peaceful about that cemetery. It is so neat and orderly.

The deer run rampant there and I had to watch out for their "piles" so I wouldn't ruin another pair of shoes.

We had lots of time to spare so I took a lot of pictures (see my photo blog). Then we headed back to the dr.'s office to just sit in the parking lot and wait for the appointment. That was when it happened.

I had laid back in the car seat to take a smidge of a nap. Hubby pulled his book out and started reading. The next thing I know, this crazy guy is driving in front of us real slow, flipping us off! Hubby started to get out of the car and he stood with the door open and said, "What's the problem?"

The guy started screaming, "I got a hurt leg and I gotta get in. Are you going to sit there all day?" And he started getting out of the car like he was going to come kick hubby's ass.

I told hubby he needed to get back in the car and he did. He immediately went back to reading while I stared at the guy making sure he didn't come bash my car in or something. Then he yells to me, "F U, Bit--" And I'm thinking what on earth did I do??? He finally got back in the car and drove away.

I like these little scenarios. (ha) But they always get me to thinking, well, what would I do if he just went nuts?

1. If you are wanting to fight someone, don't announce that your leg is injured. That would have been my very first target. (stupid idiot!)

2. call 911 and say someone is attacking us

3. throw my humongous coat over the guy's head so he can't see and then proceed to beat him up (if I could even get close cause hubby might hog the fight)

4. if he pulled a gun, start the car and run him over.

It was obvious he was there because he had ran out of pain medication. I hope he got sedated for his journey home. And hopefully they gave him a handicapped parking permit so he doesn't accost anyone else for sitting in a parking space he wants.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Pain in the Neck

I can't decide what to write about today. I could comment on it being Super Bowl day, but I know I won't watch it as I am not into that sport. I could write about Ground Hog Day and its sexy origins (I researched it one year. It really isn't a holiday for children. Maybe that's why my hubby loves the movie so much, but it is a nice clean movie.) I could write about all the holidays coming in February (Valentine's Day and I think Mardi Gras is falling in Feb - need to go check that one).

But I think I am just going to stick with what I know today. This is a post about getting old.

I woke up yesterday morning around 7:30, which is pretty early for me on a weekend. I laid there enjoying the bright sun streaming through the window. And then I stretched. I felt something, well, different. Maybe like a watch feels when it finally goes "Ping" and starts screaming at you - "You stupid idiot! You wound me too tight! That's it, I'm done with this job."

Yesterday that is what my body did. It paid me back all day.

So I didn't notice much just laying there in my stretched out position on the bed. But then I tried to move. It seemed like everything wanted to move but my head. My neck was refusing to work. I rolled over to get out of the bed. It was extremely painful as I tried to stand erect. My neck was like a broken bobble head. I couldn't put my head up!

I couldn't look side to side. I used my hands to actually lift my chin! And then boy oh boy, did my body yell at me.

Now I have had cricks or kinks in my neck from time to time from sleeping funny. But you are still able to move somewhat. This was absolutely insane!

It ended up being one of the most wasted days ever. And here it was, gorgeous out, 50 degrees, sun, and I had trouble just standing up because I had to support my erect.

I took ibuprofen, flexeril, ibuprofen, wine, tylenol pm. (Of course not all together! - through the course of the day) Nothing helped. So needless to say, I was hoping that a good night's sleep would loosen things up a bit and help me feel better. And a crick in your neck always feels better the next day after you sleep (just incase that was what it was).

Today I can say I am better, but not fine. I have extremely sore muscles in my back and neck. I still have to turn slowly but it all feels much more loosened up. So who knows what it was/is. Gee, I am so lucky. It looks like I will be well just in time to go back to work. Not that I dislike work. I just hate wasting a weekend being sick or in bed. We should get "do over" weekends when you don't get to do anything you had wanted because of stuff like this.

This morning as I felt around my neck and rubbed it, my neck felt littler. So maybe it was swollen yesterday, which leads me to believe I pulled something. I told hubby this so today my name is "Shorty with the Little Neck." (see older post about Name Calling)

I think I am just getting old.