Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Hoping

I feel I reached the turning point last night. This morning was pretty rough again but overall I feel better and seem to have improved throughout the day. Maybe cause I didn't have to expend much energy today teaching because it "MAP testing" season.

We started today. I hate it. It is so boring for me. I would much rather spend my day teaching than watching the kids chew their pencils and okay trips to the bathroom.

I don't look good though. My eyes are a lovely shade of pinkish red (where they should be white). They are pretty slitty too. And I didn't have enough energy this morning to curl my hair. And no kidding - two people told me I looked pretty today. ?? So when I spend an hour and a half getting ready I don't??? Are reddish eyes in fashion - maybe because of Twilight??? I just found it absolutely hilarious. But I thanked them all the same (and inside I rolled my eyes and thought maybe they needed to really look first, then say)

I'm off to write - I haven't checked out today's creativity portal prompt and I am pretty excited to see what it is and write. I've just been in that mood.

Monday, March 30, 2009

One Eared and Going Blind

It is amazing how pain can turn something nice and fun into such a sourpuss mood.

I had a wonderfully written review of my job performance today. All I had to do was go in and talk about what I wanted to do next. And I was so dog gone cranky I ruined the whole conversation. Hopefully my principal will forgive me - someday.

I am in so much pain. I think it is all just sinus pressure. My ears hurt. Last night I went deaf in the left and then it cleared up. This afternoon it is the right and still hasn't cleared. My eyes have crap coming out of them that looks like I blew my nose. My head feels like someone put concrete in it. And then began mashing down.

Scuba diving to 118' NEVER gave me this many ear problems or pains. It's funny cause I think if I DID go dive right now, it would probably help - push it all back the other way!

It even hurts to burp. I guess air comes out your ears when you do that.

I'm miserable so no sense in making you that way too. Then I will be hoping that some day you can forgive me too. I'm outta here.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Now I can Enjoy my Addiction

I'm better today.

I finished the 12 chapters online of Midnight Sun earlier today. Of course that made me happy. And sad. What do I do now??

Well, for all you Twilight/New Moon etc fans, I made some photos you are welcome to use :) For the rest of you, sorry the pictures scared you :) hehehe

I don't know what I will do next. I'll find something.

It was nice to not have to work on paperwork today. It's been awhile. Now I just have some menial things to do. I am already dreaming up my next project. I think I might make another blog. Responses to writing prompts.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Glitch

There's always something. But usually it is little and doesn't involve a breech in morals and beliefs.

I hadn't signed my video releases. I didn't want to. It said something about they could use my video for assessment (of me, which I totally expected - no problem) but then it went on to say "professional development, RESEARCH, and" basically anything else they wanted to.

I kinda had a problem with that. A big problem with that.

Yes it's true I got all of the forms back from the parents stating that was fine. But I wonder if they even read it. They were probably like, "Oh, Mrs. Daisy needs this so lets get it back to her." because that is how my parents of my students are. They are wonderful.

So I look at myself as the last line of defense against anything that may harm my students. And I tend to take a lot of stances that err on the side of caution.

So my mentor (being the patient soul) suggested calling National Board and asking them if they had another form, or if something could be marked out, etc. (The strictness of this is amazing so it we knew better than to just cross stuff out because it COULD mean they wouldn't score the entire section).

The lady I spoke with there was very unhelpful - well, unhelpful in that she just wouldn't see my point or my side.

I have (no, I am not exaggerating) exactly half of my students that receive some kind of help for something - special needs. I tend to be even MORE protective of them. And they are wanting me to sign away that they can use those videos of those kids for anything they want??

Yes, they are respectable and all but still, I just really didn't want to do that. Nowadays there are so many horror stories.

So my options?
sign OR
reimburse my district and the state $3000 AND have wasted 2 years of work on something that I didn't turn in.

Not good choices. So I signed them and cried as I did it. What should have been a joyous occasion is now tainted with going against my beliefs, and strong ones at that.

I asked my mentor if anyone else had ever had a problem with these releases. She said no and I was floored. But then she did say she had never had anyone with so many special needs students either.

I called my teammate on my way home. She could understand my reluctance, which made me feel better. But still, it's my signature.

I hate that rock and hard place place. Especially when it comes to standing up and fighting for what you believe.

At this point I can only hope they will be responsible and kind, assess my teaching and then be done with the videos.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow :)

Here it is, the eve of my mailing date. The entries are all edited and revised (finally - only took 3 people plus me working non-stop to get entry 1 down to 12 pages - ick)

Only a few minor things to do. Write the contextual information section (small) about my school and district. Put my number on all the pages. Order them and paper clip them and put them in the right envelopes. Then seal up the box. Now there is a pleasant thought.

Two years of work going through the mail. That causes sweaty palms and head spasms. Why just the other day when the FedEx plane burst into flames I was pleased that I had gotten my 2 class computers back the day before. (not that they went any where near China, but still)

You hear stories about mailmen, I mean "mailpeople" dying and then they find all this mail in their garage. Maybe an urban myth? But still, who HASN'T ever had a piece of mail lost??? And insurance??? Forget it. You better have a receipt and then some. What kind of receipt would I give them for 60 pieces of paper and 2 CDs that have taken two years to compile?

Receipt - one arm or leg, whichever you choose. Throw in one fried brain. We might come out even.

It's funny. I haven't let the packet out of my sight for days - I cart it everywhere (and yes it's heavy). My poor 'puter is so backed up that it is probably insulted. And here I am getting ready to mail it.

It has to be like letting your child go off of to college. No, more like letting your baby go off to college because my poor box won't be able to speak up or fend for itself either.

But all of this wasn't the purpose of the post. The sun WILL come out tomorrow. I am sure I will be relieved and happy and have a weight lifted off. And I know for a FACT that the Midnight Sun will shine tomorrow, as I just found out that there are 12 CHAPTERS online at Wikipedia. I am saving that reading (Edwards point of view of Twilight) for celebrating tomorrow :) - if I can.

So tomorrow I say, Go Forth, Baby Box, and go straight and true to your destination. Beware of vampires lurking, mailpeople garages and fiery planes. Amen.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And the Torture Continues

Wasn't I just here with all these mounds? Did I ever leave? Have I progressed at all?

And in the back of my mind, Edward and Bella and Jacob and the whole rest of the bunch are still lurking . . . If I can just get this stuff done, then I can enjoy :)

Sorry, just had to take a break and say hi to y'all :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh Yeah

Member how I said I wasn't gonna watch the movie? Well, I did. It was on youtube. I also found the first chapter to the next book on Stephenie Meyers website and read that. I am such a nut.

I am Surrounded

By mountains of paperwork. Everywhere I look, every spare spot on the table. Covered in papers.

I am feeling more than a little nerdy and bookish. How 'bout crazed??? Tomorrow is my last final hurrah for my National Board stuff. I have the day off tomorrow to finish everything that isn't and redo everything that is done.

I changed my mail off date with my mentor to Friday. I still have papers/entries out being edited and revised to, of all people, the principal and assistant principal. He probably took one look at it and laughed. Oh well. I've got to edit out 4 pages of the one he is checking out - cut it down to twelve. I seriously need help with that. I could probably do 2 myself, but that would be pushing it. Writing shouldn't be limited or made to be a minimum amount. You should just say what you gotta say and that's enough. Or if it's over, that's fine too.

Guess I'd better get started. But I can't leave without severely editing THIS post. Here it is in a nutshell.

See pic x 3. Tons -- paperwork. National Board. CRAZY! Mail Friday. Edit exhaustively. Say what you need to say. Bye.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

I am LOVING the colors in my new blog header!!!

Anyway, we celebrated St. Patricks Day last night (a bit late but when you are Irish, it really doesn't matter - you can celebrate all the time :)) It was soo good to see all my cousins that I so dearly adore!

For the biggest laugh in the world, you HAVE to check out my photoblog ( http://photodaisy.blogspot.com/ ) to see a picture of my niece "cutting loose." Its got to be her rendition of Riverdance. I was laughing so hard I was crying when I got home and saw I had caught that picture.

Well, tomorrow is back to work. I'm not sure I'm ready but it doesn't really matter. It's coming anyway so I better make the best of it.

I am still addicted to the Twilight stuff. I made a playlist that takes me through all 4 books (by mood and words in the songs, etc.) Of course hubby thinks that is insane, but I think it is a great way to keep reliving the fantasy and save the magic :)

Oh, and as I part, I will leave you with some words from hubby last night as I was getting ready to go see all my family and cousins (he didn't go this year).

I was putting on perfume. He said, "What's that for? You inbred." (like I wanted to attract family members) It was absolutely hilarious!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hippity Hoppity Here Comes Peter Cottontail

No, really. The real bunnies. It seems they have come out of hibernation or something and they are all over.

I just took some adorable pictures of the little monsters. One was at the basement window looking in and I was looking out - I guess it looked like a mirror to him.

And yes, while I love them and their adorable little selves, they ARE monsters. At least to my newly sprouted snap peas, lettuce and spinach. (which were planted on Valentine's Day) My poor little babies are about 2" tall and those bunnies think, well, I guess they think I planted them just for them as a "Welcome to Spring" homecoming banquet.

I have dealt with this frustration before. I finally found something that works and I will share my secret with you :)

Put 1 tablespoon of red pepper seed (like the kind you find at some pizza places) in SUPER HOT water (about a quart) and put it in a spray bottle. SPRAY EVERYTHING YOU DON'T WANT THE BUNNIES TO EAT and spray the ground around the plants too.

Now granted, during the wet season, this needs to be repeated quite a bit. But it so works and is environmentally safe :) Well, unless of course you happen to have a drippy squirt bottle and it leaks onto your hand and then you wipe your eye cause you forgot it had gotten wet. Or if you wipe your lips. Or if you wipe your face. (You get the idea - and yes I've done it. Of course! It wouldn't be me if something dumb hadn't happened.)

Don't I sound so normal today?? You would think that I had finished the entire Twilight series around 2 am or something. And was pleased with the ending that I wasn't going to read.

I am so lucky. I married my very own Edward. Okay. I think I am done :)

Heading out to find the leaky spray bottle in the garage!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting Close

I have finished National Board Entry 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a few more things and I am DONE :)


Geez. I am a mess. I can't think about anything besides these books.

There has been an upside to them that I hadn't expected or planned on. They are incredibly - hmm - romantic. (Don't want Weena to say TMI :) Magical.

I refuse to go on and on about them - I am sure no one wants to hear it. I don't even want to hear it.

So let's see. . .
Ah, It's Thursday. THAT has me a bit down. I am past the halfway mark on spring break. I always get so wrapped up in being at home over the long breaks. I have to force myself to go out. And I LOVE my job. I can't even imagine what going back to work must feel like for people who are less than thrilled with their job. And there are a few positives to going back for me. 21 to be exact. :) Probably way more than regular people with regular jobs.

And all in all, I would have to say I am a work-a-holic (another addiction). (I just wish school would start around 11am rather than 8 :) That is probably the worst thing about my job - but I can live with that.

I guess I am feeling rather lucky and content at the same time. Except I am not funny now. Other people make me see humor in life. (Unless of course I do something stupid, which actually occurs fairly often, just not this week:) So for all of you looking for a good laugh, I guess you will just have to wait until - no that's not true. Something rolling on the floor funny happened last night.

We were playing Rockband :) (addiction #99?) I am the permanent drummer now and hubby is the guitar player. About halfway through the song, the dog gone sound/stereo receiver turned off. We kept playing. The banging noises I was making to try to stay with the notes on the screen was absolutely hilarious. I sounded like a monkey with a pair of sticks beating around. Anyway, it was funny enough to have hubby CRYING! I guess I am capable of doing dumb things anywhere :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Contest

This is one of my photos on morguefile

I think I have figured out a way to beat it. Although when I said that, hubby asked if it was a contest. Well, maybe.

First off, you have to understand that I am NOT a re-reader. The only books I have ever "re-read" are books that I read aloud to my class every year. (It's so fun to see their expressions, it makes it almost like reading it the first time)

Even the absolute best books I have read in my entire life (see previous post here), I have not re-read. Not one single page. I'll admit I tried once. It didn't work. And I think I know why. Because I knew the end.

So that is how I plan to beat these books. I am going to stop. I am not going to finish the last book in the Twilight series. Hard? You bet. But I think I can do it. That way, I can re-read them and enjoy them again.

I tried an experiment yesterday. I left to go tan and get Drano -how mundane). I had started the fourth book and was probably 120 pages into it. When I got back, I started the book over again. It worked. I could do it.

I think I am going to win :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Staying Up all Night :)

Maybe in support of yesterday's post, or because of yesterday's post, or because it was just so darn good I couldn't stop, I stayed up all night long. I finally took a short nap today from about 12:30 to 2.

So what kept me up? I started reading New Moon.

I had read Twilight over winter break. It didn't do a whole lot for me. It was okay. The end was really good though.

But this? This was amazing. The tension in the book was amazing. The love story was amazing. And then there is the whole vampire part.

I have always wanted to be a vampire as they are portrayed in the movies. Be forever young. Be beautiful. Have tons of money. And live forever. We were huge fans of The Kindred tv show. My current license plate is even "Ventrue." (yes, really. Imagine trying to explain that one to the kids at school)

So last night at 11 I was actually tired and thought I would read a bit before I went to bed. I finished the book around 7:30 this morning. I just could not even stop. And with it being spring break, that's OK :) It was delicious to stay up all night. I heard the birds waking up outside the window. I saw the light grow through the window. Sometimes it's just fun to do that. Gives you a new perspective about the day.

After checking at the library on line (totally a hopeless case) I just got back from the bookstore. It is rare that I will splurge and pay full price for a book. But I bought both Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. (The last time I paid full price for two hardback books was when Stephen King came out with the last book in the Gunslinger series. I bought it and the one before it) I do tend to like serieses (sp?).

So now I am faced with these two glorious books. I'm weird in that I like to savor books that I know I am going to love. Save them for just the right time. I love really long books in the summer. Ones that stay with you for awhile. Yet at the same time, I can't even stand the wait! Maybe I will start the next one around Friday. Or today. I just want to see the story through.

I've already decided I don't want to see the movie. The people just look so much better in my head. (Besides, I tend to forget their age, as I am much older, and imagine them older. But Edward's what, 150? so what's age?)

I have to say this is a very relaxing spring break - but I did get all my notes done for my National Board entry 3 today so it's not like I am totally wasting my time ;)

I'll let you all know if I start growing fangs :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A New Society

I've talked about this before. I am not a morning person.

Here I am on day three of spring break. I have successfully changed my world around to the way I like it. That means:

I don't get up until 9 or 10.
I don't have to talk until 11.
I have very little movement until 11 also. The movement consists of raising my coffee cup and moving my fingers to type.
I get sleepy around 2am.

I decided to get a tanning package for the week and therefore have to go every day, so I have violated my rule of leaving the house. I so enjoy staying home and going nowhere. I have plenty to do here. I am easily amused.

There really is a whole bunch of us that are like this but we are forced to live in world that thinks 7am is sleeping in and after 10pm you turn into a goblin. How has this happened? Why haven't we formed our own society where we can live (and sleep) in peace? We should at least have our own neighborhood where we aren't judged harshly by our neighbors when we walk out at 11:30 in our pj's or robe to get the newspaper.

Our new neighborhood wouldn't have trash pickup until AFTER noon. Cutting grass would be considered a night time activity and we would all have lights on the mowers. No deliveries until after noon and that includes the post office, any appliance stores, and /or movers. Dogs wouldn't be allowed out until noon. But they could be out as late as 3am. Roofers and that constant tap tap tapping would only be allowed on roofs after 3pm.

We could have our own TV station - Good Morning at Noon! would be the most watched TV show. After dinner movies would be shown at 9pm.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lazy Days

Every once in a while, I literally have a day where I do nothing. And I mean nothing. Today was the day.

I watched reruns of movies on TV. I backed up my computer to my external hard drive (which took a really long time), but I didn't really have to do anything. I ate chocolate. I watched a tv show called "The Girls Next Door" which is a reality show about the playboy bunnies and Hugh Heffner. It's a really cute show! (Well, at least as far as reality tv goes) And who the heck are these Kardashian people???

Nothing like a full day of laziness to make me want to get stuff done tomorrow ;) Of course I have made a giant list of things to do over break. (backing up my computer was one of them, so I can cross that off :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Are You Ready? Are You Set? Are You GO!

Look out folks. With me now being officially off for ten days, the posts are liable to come fast and furious :)

The title is how I used to start races when I was little.

So if you will remember the other day when I was complaining about the wind, you can also notice the photo. THAT happened that day. That is the neighbor's fence on the top of my waterfall. Hubby also saw a large tree in the woods twist off and fall (and yes, he heard it). He also saw a tractor trailer that was used for advertising turned over on its side. And we had a few tornados in the area, but nothing too close.

Today was "the movie." Puberty in its finest for all the girls and boys. They are separated of course, into two class rooms. Mine wasn't used (thank you!). The nurse showed the girls pads and tampons. They passed them around. They asked questions.

They boys watched their movie and went out to recess.

We then all came back to our classrooms. 15 minutes later, my teammate comes running in my room with a story.

It seems that one of her boys had walked up to her desk with the "show off pad" stuck to his finger, dangling, and said, "Someone left something on my desk."

Clearly he didn't know what it was but was quite upset that "something" was on his desk. My teammate was so shocked. She looked around and no one else seemed to have noticed. She said, "I'll take that" and threw it in her desk. Me, personally? I would put it in my "Funny Folder." I was laughing so hard I was crying.

Then of course there was me today. Butt cheeks tucked tight, I scurried back to my desk as students were packing up. It was noisy. They wouldn't hear. And so IT came out. And I immediately hear, "Mrs. ______" right behind me. Geez. Glad we had that talk about gas at the beginning of the year.

And then at the end of the day, I got news that one of my students has finally been diagnosed. It isn't good. He has a severe disease. He probably won't live very long.

I'm glad he is in my room. He makes us laugh. He brings me an apple almost every day. I know for a fact that most teachers wouldn't want him in their room, as he comes with "issues." But he has really helped our class become a kind community.

Spring break is great, but I will miss the kids over the next 10 days.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Go To BED Young Children!

Spring break starts on Friday the 13th. I am not superstitious. As a matter of fact, I have always liked Friday the 13th and feel it is more lucky for me. But that's me. And no I am not a witch. Well, maybe my students think so, but anyway. . .

We have been learning the art of written persuasion in the classroom. Well, I have been teaching, they have been learning.

Sometimes someone says something (who knew you could put so many "some" words all together?) and you just KNOW they have been watching things they shouldn't be watching.

The topic was "Your school is banning TV watching during the week. Do you agree or disagree? Persuade someone to see your side."

A couple of the girls actually opted for the banning of TV (it didn't surprise me). Word got around the room and some of the boys were shaking their heads.

One couldn't stop there. He blurted out (now remember this is fourth grade and they are at most ten) , "Oh my gosh. Girls gone wild!"

Obviously, TV should be banned in his house late at night.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just Ugh in General

I'm not a big fanatic of March. It has been fine/okay up until now because it was acting like February. And while I love the fact that spring is coming, there is a whole bunch of things I forgot about that I don't like.

1. The wind. I hate wind. It's loud and noisy. It makes me want to stay inside where my head is protected and I don't have to worry about limbs flying through the air and landing on my head. (Yes, we have lots of old trees around here, so that really is a legitimate worry.) You can't wear skirts in the wind - need I say more? Windyness is about the only positive point about putting on more weight though. I no longer worry about getting carted away or knocked over. (gee, why doesn't that make me feel better?)

2. Crazy weather. About an hour ago I looked through the window and it looked like we were in the middle of a hurricane. Rain was coming down in sheets. Trees were bent almost halfway over. Now the sun is out brightly and it is super windy. How on earth is a girl supposed to plan a wardrobe/outfit for extreme weather changes? Ick! It's probably 65 to 70 degrees now. I think we are supposed to have snow in two days.

3. Good Friday (I'll put this here because while it sometimes lands in April as it does this year, it sometimes comes in March.) If memory serves me correctly, this is the day Jesus died. Kinda not really good. And being raised kinda Lutheran, we don't eat meat that day. And I always forget. So every year on that day it is reaffirmed that I will go to hell. There's a real bright spot I can always count on - ha!

4. No matter when spring break is, it never comes early enough. By this time the kids are crazy and the teachers are so stressed that we are like a bunch of menopausal or pms ing wild women ready to bite. Our fangs are barred and we have assumed the catlike hunting crouch. Woe is the person who invades our dangling rope to sanity. Pounce!

5. Spring forward - are they nuts??? I HATE losing an hour. Blink and an entire hour is just gone. You didn't even get a Chance to waste it blogging! Plus you spend the whole day wondering if you will be able to wake up on time tomorrow and if the clock says the correct time or the old time because maybe hubby changed it and maybe he didn't. Or maybe you did, but you forgot you did it. Or maybe you thought you did it but you can't be sure because it happened in that mysteriously gone hour. Ugh.

6. okay, there is one good thing about March. St. Patrick's Day. Green beer, celebration and corned beef do help you forget about the wind, dictate what to wear, regardless of the weather, helps you forget you are going to hell for eating meat, and reminds us that we can drink green beer all week long on spring break. And that hour you lost? Enough green beer and you don't even care what day or time it is :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

I am an Antonym

Antonym = opposites (for those who haven't been in school for a while)

I am so full of discrepencies. Give me a computer and I can compete with the best of them on software. Yet I cannot program a watch or VCR clock.

I love food. Yet would rather starve than spend the energy MAKING something to eat. But then again, sometimes I just forget to eat. Those are good days :)

I will follow every rule to the letter. BUT some rules really are just plain stupid and meant to be broken.

I am a workaholic. I am also a playaholic.

I have a thing for chairs. I rarely sit down.

I love digging in the dirt and am a very good digger. I also LOVE high heel shoes and skirts.

I really could care less about TV. It is a special treat to rent a movie and eat popcorn. (I can do the 3 minutes for that :)

Kids are my wonderful career and world. I don't "own" any though and enjoy sending them all home.

I am curious and adventurous to a fault (if there is a button I will push it to see what it does) and at the same time, I am so terribly predictable. I once videotaped myself watching something and showed it to someone else and said the EXACT same things at the SAME time in both viewings. THAT was a real eye opener.

Maybe we are multiple personalities :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Why Women Shouldn't Play RockBand

I have a pair of black Justin cowboy boots. I have had them for at least 15 years. I might have been wearing them when I met hubby.

Before that, they were my mom's. She probably had them about 5 years.

No, the blog title isn't wrong. Bear with me.

The point is, I have had these things for ages. And have worn them for ages. And loved them. Until today.

I came home with a raw spot on the inside of my calf from where the boot pull up strap rubbed my leg (no, I didn't wear tights, and I wore a skirt).

It is so sore. So I get home and hubby meets me at the car (he's so sweet). He asks how my day was. I go in to this rant about how bad my leg hurts. And it is all because of Rock Band. These boots have fit me for fifteen years and now that I am the drummer, my calf has grown two sizes too big for my leg. And my boots.

This is awful! What a fashion nightmare!

Anyway, he sarcastically comments as I am taking off my boots, "Well, why don't you use a marker and mark the spot on your leg every couple days until you wear them again. Then you'll know just right where to put the bandaid."

My witty reply? "Well, maybe I will just get a tattoo on my leg that says Place Bandaid Here." Wouldn't that be cute??? ha Very RockBandish I think.