Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One Adventure after Another

Spring Break has been a fun adventure so far.
Monday - went hiking to a place I had never been - St. Stanislaus. Went up a huge hill and slid down (on accident) due to the mud. And I guess calling it a hill is an understatement. It was a mountain. The view from up top was absolutely gorgeous despite my numbed and filthy mud-caked hands and almost new and now filthy white down coat.
Later on down the trail we found an old homestead - just the foundation was left and parts of the rock walls that had tumbled down. It was an odd oval shape???? What's up with that? It is at the end of the public land, announced by a big sign in the middle of the woods nowhere. So we turn around to head back to the main trail and surprise - a big quiet pit bull was about 50 ft. in front of us. My Snow White effect kicked in and I started to just talk to him. Ronny told me not to move but I didn't feel scared at all (reminds me of the time when the Jona's dog was coming in for the attack and out of reflex I yelled in my deep voice "go lay down" and she backed off :) So, really not wanting to make Ronny mad (cause I wasn't worried at all about the dog), I stood still. Off in the far off distance I heard a yell, which must have been the owner? and the dog turned and ran off. Made for a quite interesting day, and even though there weren't any bears or giant mudslides, our little occurences along the trail were just enough to give a hint of dangerous fun :)

Tuesday - Bought the nieces and nephews Easter candy - and yes I do think it is a bit early but it has to mailed so that's okay I think. Then we took the puppies to a dog park for the first time. We were a bit leery of Raleigh and how he would act, only because he acts like he is going to tear Rio apart in the backyard and I didn't think this behavior would be acceptable :} So we get there and in goes Rio, no problem and Raleigh and I are on the outside and he is whining like crazy. He drug me in, scraping my hand along the gatepost in his hurry, so I looked like I had gotten all chewed up before I even entered. I had blood and welps all over my hand. Geez. So we get in and he is still on the leash and isn't being very good so we just took him off. He LOVED it! He was the littlest dog there, and at one point there were about 20 dogs inside running loose. He ran and ran and ran, chasing and being chased. And then poor Rio, the 95 pound scaredy cat. He wouldn't leave our sides. And he was much more interested in the humans and children ::::)))) (yeah, I can lick a face at just my height!!!!) A dog would come over very friendly and he would run around and hide behind hubby's legs!

So tomorrow? What adventure awaits? I know it's St. Patricks Day and I will be eating corned beef and cabbage :) I wish they made green wine :)