Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's Been a Glorious Summer!

The dogs swam and loved it, and the whole experience was made so much better by the addition of steps into the pool rather than a ladder. We played volleyball almost every day and near the end the dogs thought they would like to play too.
We worked all summer trying to get some grass back in the yard and have been somewhat successful despite a dying lawnmower. A couple times I had summer evening fires in the new fire pit but I always ended up sweating and jumping back in the pool.
Mom and Dad came to swim and eat a couple times - on Father's day it was just like old times :)
We enjoyed several evening/night/1 am swims and games of volleyball in the dark - hilarious! - and we figured out our pool is just too small and our bodies are too big for Marco Polo :)
Near the end I started selling on ebay to get rid of some of this accumulation and have had some success but with the frequency of visiting ebay, I have also bought (some really sexy boots).
We celebrated our anniversary with an awful meal that luckily we didn't have to pay for and it ended with me being sick. So we celebrated again the next night at home and it was truly an awesome evening with a fixed steak, a night swim and chocolate!
We picked peaches and made ice cream and pies. Then made more ice cream with cosmic brownies!
We visited the Festival of the Little Hills and bought dip and ate it for dinner - LOL!
School has now started back and the pool is down to 71 degrees already. I'm facing that it is over and time to move on but it has undoubtedly been one of the best summers ever.